Green Garlic

Green garlic. I don’t know if Emeril’s audiences ever got to cheer and applaud for green garlic or if the hysteria was strictly reserved for mature garlic bulbs added with a toss from the foul-line. If not, they were short changed on what is, in my opinion, an underused and underappreciated member of the allium family. Looking a whole lot like a leek, or a thick scallion they can be used just like leeks or scallions. They have a mellower-than-garlic garlic flavor and add lots of bright green color to a green-starved plate coming out of a long Wintertime.

At the restaurant we use it to make a zippy mayonnaise sauce condiment that plays nicely with anything an aioli would. Schmear it on toast to serve with mussels, on a bun with a fried soft shell crab and green tomato sandwich, dip french fries in it, dress a caesar salad with it. It’s bright green, it tastes like garlic, and it’s in season for a little while longer. We love it, here’s a pic and a little note about how we made it.


*Garlic can get a hard center stalk as it matures into a more recognizable garlic bulb. There are actually two types: hard-top & soft. With the woody stalk variety the stalk is pretty much inedible. What you have to do is take a small sharp knife and slice the garlic stalk from top to bottom and remove the woody center. Next discard any papery dry outer leaves or coarse outer green leaves; just like a scallion. Finely slice the whole vegetable keeping the green and white parts separate. (Cooking the green tops excessively can kill their color so we leave them out of the pan until the last 30 seconds). Gently sweat the whites in olive oil over low heat with a few pinches of salt until they are soft and melted. Next add the greens and sweat them another minute or so. Take them out of the pan and let cool completely. Once they’re cool dump the vegetable into your best blender and puree the shit out of them. Then use this as a base to build a mayonnaise either by hand or using a stick blender like we did. Our mayo sauce has an egg yolk, more oil, champagne vinegar, salt, green pepper hot sauce, and lime juice. Good stuff. Enjoy.