Phillips Farm – Milford, NJ


Every Wednesday since the growing season got into full swing we’ve been receiving deliveries of the freshest produce from one of our favorite farms across the river: Phillips Farm in Milford, NJ.¬†¬†Pictured here from bottom to top: Zucchini (left) Cukes (right), New Potatoes, Red Leaf lettuce, Sweet Basil, & Green Garlic.

Zucchini we cut long and thin with a mandolin, lightly salt to wilt it, then send it into the oven on a pizza topped with ricotta, sharp provolone, cow’s mozz, a little lemon pickle and some basil.

Cucumbers are finally here!! We use them in a Smashed Cuke salad in the style of those delicious Szechuan cold cucumber salads to cool off the tongue from so much chili heat. Ours is rough chopped, lightly salted to give it a little extra crunch, then dressed with Don PX 15 Year Sherry Vinegar and numbing bright red Szechuan chili-garlic oil.

The New Potatoes are fried twice and come napped with green mayonnaise made with the Green Garlic. Basically Patatas Bravas. I never hated a fried potato dipped in mayonnaise.

The Red Leaf Lettuce getts tossed with rough chopped radishes and dressed with Point Reyes Bleu cheese dressing, red onions and more crumbled blue cheese.

The Basil: that goes on the Margherita. It’s sweet, not bitter like many hot house varieties can be and because it’s just out of the ground, it tends not to burn up in the oven.

It’s all on the menu, right now, this week. Come put your feet under our table.