We Built This Bathroom I Think You’ll Love

Every detail of this place dogged us during our build out. We felt like each room and corner needed to express our style, our community of makers, our thoughts about what the restaurant going experience should be. This felt both like a source of great potential and a burden that left no aspect of the space a throwaway or easy choice.

We love places like The Good Fork or Mission Chinese that have really impactful, weird, intentional aesthetics in their bathrooms. So we worked with Popular Printing, our neighbor on Hamilton Ave, to design a Moto specific pattern of wallpaper, which we installed ourselves – Joe, Dave, and I all climbing on top of each other in the tiny bathroom, carefully flattening the paper to the wall and pressing out the air bubbles with dough scrapers.


Pizza Moto338 Hamilton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11231


We found some great galvanized steel baskets at the Brimfield Antiques show for shelves and filled them with things we like including a wooden sailboat from Dave’s childhood. Overseeing it all is General Kosciuszko, a portrait I bought to hang in the apartment Dave and I shared on Kosciuszko Street in Bed Stuy where we were living when we first decided to go for this project, where we were living when we signed our commercial lease, mapped out our plans, raised money, and broke ground. Now we both live in Red Hook and are very excited to have joined the neighborhood where we put down our professional roots. But Kosciuszko will be with us always.