John Grace Bakery



fork & knife

warm tinned sardines  $8
sourdough bread & cultured butter

meatball tartare  $13
pesto rosso, fresh ricotta, & toast

smoked trout caesar salad  $10
bread crumbs & aged pecorino

fried broccoli $8
yuzu-kosho lemon curd & hot sauce

fresh rye pasta with country ham, roasted mushrooms, sauerkraut, & egg

crispy chicken agro-dolce$15
with garlic, chilies, peanuts, & herbs


from the oven

roasted & raw fall vegetables$11
charred greens, pumpkin seeds, ricotta, & sherry-date vinaigrette

steamed mussels$16
shellfish butter sauce & sesame fry bread

cassoulet of shell beans, pickled pole beans, hominy, & radishes



bacon fat, rosemary, salt, black pepper$12

tomato, D.O.P buffula mozz, olive oil, pecorino$14

tomato, pepperoni, fresh mozz, pecorino$15

roasted & fresh mushrooms, garlic, herbs, 3 cheeses  $15

green tomato salsa, jalapeno, fontina, fresh mozz, pecorino$15

winter greens-pistachio pesto, castelvetrano olives, ricotta, fresh mozz, pecorino$15

clams, cream, roasted garlic, bacon, potato, parsley, fresh mozz$16

eggs in hell: tomato, bacon, chili, soft cooked egg, fresh mozz$16



biscuit tortoni  $7
almond semifreddo, ameretti cookies, & marachino cherries

dark chocolate olive oil cake$7
vanilla whipped cream

Coach Farm goat milk triple crème …..$9
concord grape preserves, pistachio butter, & toasts


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