John Grace Bakery



fork / knife

three cheese mac $15
radiator pasta, cabot sharp cheddar, fontina & pecorino

fried baby artichokes $12
pimenton aioli

chicken liver crostini $10
chicken liver toscano, sourdough toasts, & james beard salad

jewel box carrots & citrus $12
roasted, pickled, raw carrot, cirtus & shallot yogurt

charred asparagus $13
6 minute egg, pecorino toscano & fried shallot bread crumbs

smoked trout caesar salad $15
gem lettuce, garlic, lemon, pecorino & bread crumbs

dave’s famous fried chicken $14
buttermilk & hot sauce brine, served with charred bean pickles



bianca $13
bacon fat, herbs, salt, black pepper

margherita $17
d.o.p. buffula mozzarella, basil, tomato, pecorino, olive oil

mushroom $19
roasted mushrooms, garlic, herbs, fontina, ricotta, mozzarella

meatball $20
tomato, caramelized onion, mozz, sharp prov, fresh oregano

pepperoni $20
tomato, basil, mozzarella, charlito’s cucina spicy salami

eggs in hell $19
tomato, mozzarella, burger’s bacon, soft cooked egg, chili oil

sausage $20
broccoli rabe, mama lil’s peppers, mozzarella, fontina, ricotta

market pie of the week $20
pizza-man’s spceial pie made with seasonal produce and love



daily house ice cream  single $7  double $6

dark chocolate olive oil cake $8
vanilla whipped cream


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